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Divided: Exploring Our Nation’s Cultural Civil War

civil war

We are in the grip of an epidemic of deceit, murders, narcotics, sexual deviancy, and thefts. Who would have predicted this stunning combination?  I may be stating the obvious, but seeing our country’s sorry state of affairs is horrifying. What’s…

A Christian Response to the Last Days

in the last days

The last days I really enjoy reading the news. Maybe more so than I should, but with all that’s happening now, it’s getting harder to resist the binge. I mean, our government is pursuing everyday parents and Catholics as potential…

A Message from the Middle East: Israel in Crisis

protests in israel

The following are portions of an email I received from Pastor Amir Tsarfati. Amir is a Biblical Christian from Israel who is a bestselling author, Bible teacher, conference speaker, and Founder of Behold Israel. The Bible predicts, “in the last…