Best Bible Study Tools

There are several tools and resources that I use for my bible study that may be of help to you. is reader-supported. We may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through links on our site. Thank you.

Marking Tools

I like to write in my bible. In fact, my bible is full of highlights and writing. That’s okay, but the key is writing and highlighting so that the other side of the page is not marked.

For notes in my Bible and notes in general, I use the Tul Gel Pens in 0.5 mm.  Not only are these pens super thin, but they won’t mark through even with normal super-thin bible paper. I also use them for everyday purposes – they’re that good.

I use the Zebrite highlighter or the Mr. Pen No Bleed Highlighters for highlights. Both work well and will not bleed. The Zebrite is more of a typical ink marker, while the Mr. Pen is almost a wax highlighter.

Internet Resources

Of course, the Internet is a great study and reference resource, and you may want to bookmark the following:

For cross-references, I use Bible Cross Reference,

For parallel verses, I use BibleHub parallel, and

For an expanded view, I use BibleHub Context, and finally

For an interlineal view, I use BibleHubInterlinear.


I particularly like the New American Standard Bible for readability and accuracy. Although it’s helpful to use a  reference bible, a smaller New Testament with Proverbs and Psalms not only is extremely easy to read anytime and anywhere.

The Legacy Standard Bible with Psalms and Proverbs – either in Faux, Italian Cowhide, or Goatskin, these bibles are just the right size to become your everyday carry (“EDC”) bible.

Another recommendation is the ESV Study Bible, either Student or Regular edition.

References and Commentaries

For physical book resources, I use and recommend the following:


Google, which doesn’t have the best reputation for conservatives or Christians, is surprisingly helpful for bible verses or concepts. Just ensure that you verify the resource beforehand.

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